Symbol for temperature midpoint (Celsius).
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technology management; tectorial membrane; temperature by mouth; temporalis muscle; temporomandibular; tender midline; tendomyopathy; teres major; thalassemia major; Thayer-Martin [medium]; thrombomodulin; time and materials; timemotion; tobramycin; torus mandibularis; total mortality; trabecular network; trademark; traditional medicine; transatrial membranotomy; transitional mucosa; transmediastinal; transmembrane; transmetatarsal; transport mechanism; transport medium; transverse myelitis; tropical medicine; tropomyosin; tuberculous meningitis; twitch movement; tympanic membrane

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TM 'tē-'em service mark used for a Transcendental Meditation technique

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melting temperature; transport (or tubular) maximum.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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