1. The contraction of a gel, e.g., a blood clot, by which part of the dispersion medium is squeezed out. 2. Degeneration of the vitreous humor with loss of gel consistency to become partially or completely fluid. [G. synairesis, a taking or drawing together]

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syn·ere·sis also syn·ae·re·sis .sin-ə-'rē-səs, sə-'ner-ə-səs n the separation of liquid from a gel caused by contraction

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1. contraction of a blood clot. When first formed, a blood clot is a loose meshwork of fibres containing various blood cells. Over a period of time this contracts, producing a firm mass that seals the damaged blood vessels.
2. (in ophthalmology) degenerative shrinkage of the vitreous humour due to ageing, which usually results in a vitreous detachment.

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syn·er·e·sis (sĭ-nerґə-sis) [Gr. synairesis a taking or drawing together] a drawing together of the particles of the dispersed phase of a gel, with separation of some of the disperse medium and shrinkage of the gel, such as occurs in the clotting of blood.

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