1. Suspending; supporting; denoting a ligament, a muscle, or other structure that keeps an organ or other part in place. 2. A supporter applied to uplift a dependent part, such as the scrotum or a pendulous breast.

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sus·pen·so·ry sə-'spen(t)s-(ə-)rē adj serving to suspend: providing support <the \suspensory nature of the periodontal membrane (John Osborne )(et al)>
suspensory n, pl -ries something that suspends or holds up esp a fabric supporter for the scrotum

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sus·pen·so·ry (səs-penґsə-re) [L. suspensorius] 1. serving to hold up a part. 2. a ligament, bone, muscle, sling, or bandage which serves to hold up a part.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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