Inflammation of the labyrinth, the system of intercommunicating canals and cavities within the inner ear responsible for sensing balance. Labyrinthitis may be accompanied by the sudden onset of a feeling of vertigo triggered by head or body movement together with feelings of nausea and malaise. Due to diverse causes including viral and bacterial infections. The term "labyrinth" comes from the Greek "labyrinthos" for "a structure with intricate passages intersecting each other." A labyrinth played a role in Greek mythology: the maze on Crete where the monstrous Minotaur roamed and devoured his victims.
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Inflammation of the labyrinth (the internal ear), sometimes accompanied by vertigo and deafness. SYN: otitis interna.

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lab·y·rin·thi·tis .lab-ə-rin-'thīt-əs n inflammation of the labyrinth of the inner ear called also otitis interna

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inflammation of the inner ear (labyrinth). See otitis.

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lab·y·rin·thi·tis (lab″ə-rin-thiґtis) inflammation of the internal ear; it may be accompanied by hearing loss or vertigo. Called also otitis interna.

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