A surgical incision (a cut) made into the cornea. A radial keratotomy is a surgical procedure designed to flatten the cornea, reduce its optical power, and correct nearsightedness (myopia). The procedure is called a radial keratotomy because the incisions resemble the spokes in a bicycle wheel.
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1. Any incision through the cornea. 2. An operation making a partial thickness incision into the cornea to flatten it and reduce its refractive power in that meridian. [kerato- + G. tome, incision]
- delimiting k. incision in the cornea along the margin of an advancing ulcer.
- radial k. a k. with radial incisions around a clear central zone. A form of refractive keratoplasty used in the treatment of myopia.
- refractive k. modification of corneal curvature by means of corneal incisions to minimize hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism.

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ker·a·tot·o·my -ə-mē n, pl -mies incision of the cornea see radial keratotomy

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an incision into the cornea. See arcuate keratotomy, radial keratotomy.

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ker·a·tot·o·my (ker″ə-totґə-me) [kerato- + -tomy] surgical incision of the cornea.

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