1. A glioma consisting of cells (elongated, spindle-shaped, and sometimes pleomorphic, with one or two fibrillary processes) that resemble the embryonic spongioblasts, occurring normally around the neural canal of the human embryo; it grows relatively slowly, usually originating in the brainstem, optic chiasm, or infundibulum, and infiltrates adjacent structures or causes compression of the third and fourth ventricles. Spongioblastomas were formerly subclassified as s. polare and s. unipolare. 2. Obsolete term for glioblastoma multiforme. [spongioblast + G. -oma tumor]

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spon·gi·o·blas·to·ma .spən-jē-ō-(.)bla-'stō-mə, .spän- n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə GLIOBLASTOMA

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spon·gio·blas·to·ma (spun″je-o-blas-toґmə) any tumor containing spongioblasts; considered to be one of the neuroepithelial tumors. See gliosarcoma, glioblastoma, and polar s.

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