A diuretic agent that blocks the renal tubular actions of aldosterone. It increases the urinary excretion of sodium and chloride, decreases the excretion of potassium and ammonium, and reduces the titratable acidity of the urine; most effectively used to potentiate the natriuretic action and reduce the potassium excretion produced by other diuretics.

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spi·ro·no·lac·tone .spī-rə-nō-'lak-.tōn, spi-.rō-nə- n an aldosterone antagonist C24H32O4S that promotes diuresis and sodium excretion and is used to treat essential hypertension, edema with congestive heart failure, hepatic cirrhosis with ascites, nephrotic syndrome, and idiopathic edema

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a synthetic corticosteroid that inhibits the activity of the hormone aldosterone and is used as a potassium-sparing diuretic to treat heart failure, high blood pressure, and fluid retention (oedema). It is administered by mouth; side-effects may include headache, stomach upsets, breast enlargement and impotence (in men), and menstrual disturbances (in women). Trade name: Aldactone.

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spir·o·no·lac·tone (spi″rə-no-lakґtōn) [USP] a synthetic 17-spirolactone steroid and aldosterone antagonist that is a potassium-sparing diuretic; it blocks the aldosterone-dependent exchange of sodium and potassium in the distal renal tubule, which increases excretion of sodium and water and decreases excretion of potassium. Used in the treatment of edema, hypokalemia, primary aldosteronism, and, usually in combination with other drugs, hypertension.

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