1. An alcoholic liquor stronger than wine, obtained by distillation. 2. Any distilled liquid. 3. An alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution of volatile substances; some spirits are used as flavoring agents, others have medicinal value. SYN: spiritus. [L. spiritus, a breathing, life soul, fr. spiro, to breathe]
- ardent spirits brandy, whiskey, and other forms of distilled alcoholic liquors.
- aromatic ammonia s. a hydroalcoholic solution containing approximately 2% ammonia and 4% ammonium carbonate and the aromatics: lemon oil, lavender oil, and myristica oil. Used mainly by inhalation to produce reflex stimulation in persons who have fainted or are at risk of syncope. SYN: sal volatile, smelling salts.
- industrial methylated s., methylated s. SYN: denatured alcohol.
- neutral spirits spirits distilled from suitable raw materials, are 95% ethanol (v/v), that is, at least 190 proof when distilled. Used for blending with straight whiskey and for making gin, cordials, liqueurs, and vodka. SEE ALSO: alcohol.
- proof s. dilute alcohol, specific gravity 0.920, containing 49.5% by weight (57.27% by volume) of C2H5OH at 15.56°C. Originally in Great Britain it was the weakest alcohol that would permit ignition of gunpowder moistened with it. British proof s. has a specific gravity of 0.9198 and contains 49.2% C2H5OH by weight, or 57.1% by volume at the temperature of 10.56°C.
- pyroligneous s., pyroxylic s. SYN: methyl alcohol.
- rectified s. SYN: alcohol (2).
- wine s. SYN: alcohol (2).
- wood s. SYN: methyl alcohol.
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Salvage from Perindopril in Reperfused Infarction Trial; Stroke Prevention in Reversible Ischemia Trial

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spir·it 'spir-ət n
1 a) DISTILLATE esp the liquid containing ethyl alcohol and water that is distilled from an alcoholic liquid or mash often used in pl.
b) a usu. volatile organic solvent (as an alcohol, ester, or hydrocarbon)
2) an alcoholic solution of a volatile substance <\spirit of camphor>

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spir·it (spirґit) [L. spiritus] 1. any volatile or distilled liquid. 2. an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution of a volatile material. 3. in traditional Chinese medicine, shen (q.v.).

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