Parent cell of a spermatid, derived by mitotic division from a spermatogonium. [spermato- + G. kytos, cell]
- primary s. the s. derived by a growth phase from a spermatogonium, and that undergoes the first division of meiosis.
- secondary s. the s. derived from a primary s. by the first meiotic division; each secondary s. produces two spermatids by the second meiotic division.

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sper·mato·cyte (.)spər-'mat-ə-.sīt n a cell giving rise to sperm esp a cell that is derived from a spermatogonium and ultimately gives rise to four haploid spermatids

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a cell produced as an intermediate stage in the formation of spermatozoa (see spermatogenesis). Spermatocytes develop from spermatogonia in the walls of the seminiferous tubules of the testis; they are known as either primary or secondary spermatocytes according to whether they are undergoing the first or second division of meiosis.

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sper·ma·to·cyte (spər-matґo-sīt) [spermato- + -cyte] either of two intermediate stages in the development of spermatids.

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