The condition in which both eyes have equal refractive power. If, for example, one eye is myopic (nearsighted), so is the other. Or if one eye is hyperopic (farsighted), so is the other. Or both eyes may have normal refractive power. The term "isometropia" is made up of three parts from the Greek: iso- (equal) + -metr- (measure) + -opia (vision). Literally, the measure of vision is equal. The opposite of isometropia is anisometropia in which the two eyes have unequal refractive powers. Anisometropia is a serious concern in newborns and young children because it can lead to amblyopia (impaired vision in one eye). With a major degree of anisometropia, the brain cannot able to reconcile the difference in images coming from the two eyes. It develops a preference for the image coming from one eye and suppresses the image from the other eye and, in time, the brain loses the ability to "see" the image from that eye.
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Equality in refraction in the two eyes. [iso- + G. metron, measure, + ops (op-), eye]

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an equal power of refraction in both eyes.

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iso·me·tro·pia (i″so-mə-troґpe-ə) [Gr. isometros of equal measure + -opia] equality in the refraction of the two eyes.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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