A superficial skin disorder involving any area of the body where opposing skin surfaces may touch and rub, such as the creases of the neck, the skin folds of the groin, axilla (armpit) and breasts (especially if large and pendulous) and between the toes. Intertrigo is characterized by skin reddening (erythema), maceration (softening and deterioration), burning, and itching. There may also be erosions, fissures (cracks) and exudation (oozing) and secondary infections. Factors that predispose to intertrigo include obesity, moisture, warmth, sweat retention and friction. Intertrigo comes from the Latin roots "inter-", between + -"terere", to rub.
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Irritant dermatitis occurring between folds or juxtaposed surfaces of the skin, as between the buttocks, between the scrotum and the thigh, beneath pendulous breasts, etc.; caused by friction, sweat retention, moisture, warmth, and concomitant overgrowth of resident microorganisms; occurring in young children (see diaper dermatitis) and obese adults. [L. a galling of the skin, fr. inter, between, + tero, to rub]

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in·ter·tri·go -'trī-.gō n inflammation produced by chafing of adjacent areas of skin

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superficial inflammation of two skin surfaces that are in contact, such as between the thighs or under the breasts, particularly in obese people. It is caused by friction and sweat and is often aggravated by infection, especially with Candida.

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in·ter·tri·go (in″tər-triґgo) [inter- + L. terere to rub] a superficial dermatitis occurring on apposed skin surfaces, such as in the axillae or groin, beneath pendulous breasts, or in skin furrows. It is caused by moisture, friction, warmth, and sweat retention, and obesity is a predisposing factor. Characteristics include erythema, maceration, burning, itching, and sometimes erosions, fissures, exudations, and secondary infections. Called also eczema intertrigo. intertriginous adj


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