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conditioned stimulus; sacrococcygeal; Sanitary Corps; sarcomatous component; scalenus [muscle]; scan computer; scapula; Schuller-Christian [disease]; Schwann cell; Schwarz criterion; sciatica; science; sclerosing cholangitis; secondary cleavage; secretory component; self care; semicircular; semilunar valve closure; serum complement; serum creatinine; service-connected; sex chromatin; Sezary cell; short circuit; sick call; sickle cell; sieving coefficient; sigmoid colon; silicone-coated; single chemical; skin conduction; slice collimation; slow component; Snellen chart; sodium citrate; soluble complex; special care; specialty clinic; spinal canal; spinal cord; squamous carcinoma; start conversion; statistical control; stepped care; sternoclavicular; stratum corneum; subcellular; subclavian; subcorneal; subcortical; subcostal; subcutaneous [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; subtotal colectomy; succinylcholine; sugar-coated; sulfur-containing; supercoil cruciform [deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA]; supercomputing; superior colliculus; supportive care; supraclavicular; surface colony; surface cooling; switching circuit; systemic candidiasis; systolic click

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Sc symbol scandium

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secretory component; closure of semilunar valves; subcutaneous.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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