One or a few chromosomes above or below the normal chromosome number. For example, three number 21 chromosomes or trisomy 21 (characteristic of Down syndrome) is a form of aneuploidy.
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State of being aneuploid.
- partial a. a type of mosaicism in which some cells have a normal number of chromosomes and some have an abnormal number.

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the condition in which the chromosome number of a cell is not an exact multiple of the normal basic (haploid) number. See monosomy, trisomy; compare euploidy.
aneuploid adj. n.

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an·eu·ploi·dy (anґu-ploi″de) [an-1 + euploidy] any deviation from an exact multiple of the haploid number of chromosomes, whether fewer (hypoploidy, as in Turner syndrome) or more (hyperploidy, as in Down syndrome).

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