Inflammation of the retina. [retina + G. -itis, inflammation]
- albuminuric r. hypertensive retinopathy.
- circinate r. circinate retinopathy.
- diabetic r. diabetic retinopathy.
- exudative r., r. exudativa a chronic abnormality characterized by deposition of cholesterol and cholesterol esters in outer retinal layers and subretinal space. In adults, often preceded by uveitis; in children, often preceded by retinal vascular abnormalities. SYN: Coats disease.
- leukemic r. leukemic retinopathy.
- metastatic r. purulent or septic r. resulting from the arrest of septic emboli in the retinal vessels. SYN: purulent r., septic r..
- r. pigmentosa a progressive retinal degeneration characterized by bilateral nyctalopia, constricted visual fields, electroretinogram abnormalities, and pigmentary infiltration of the inner retinal layers; may be sporadic or demonstrate autosomal dominant [MIM*180100], autosomal recessive, or X-linked inheritance [MIM*268000, *312600, *312610]. SYN: pigmentary retinopathy.
- r. proliferans SYN: proliferative retinopathy.
- punctate r. retinopathy punctata albescens.
- purulent r. SYN: metastatic r..
- r. sclopetaria a severe contusion lesion of the retina, as from a shot pellet or BB. [from sclopetum, a medieval handgun]
- secondary r. r. that follows uveal inflammation.
- septic r. SYN: metastatic r..
- serous r. edema of the retina; an inflammation of the inner layers of the retina. SYN: simple r..
- simple r. SYN: serous r..
- r. syphilitica, syphilitic r. r. often associated with syphilitic choroiditis, especially in congenital syphilis.

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ret·i·ni·tis .ret-ən-'īt-əs n, pl -nit·i·des -'it-ə-.dēz inflammation of the retina

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inflammation of the retina. In practice, the term is often used for conditions now known not to be inflammatory; for example, retinitis pigmentosa. For such conditions the term retinopathy is becoming more widely used.

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ret·i·ni·tis (ret″ĭ-niґtis) inflammation of the retina; used in the older ophthalmologic literature to denote impairment of sight, perversion of vision, edema, and exudation into the retina, and occasionally by hemorrhages into the retina.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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