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  • pyk — {{/stl 13}}{{stl 8}}wykrz. {{/stl 8}}{{stl 7}} wyraz, który imituje dźwięk powstający podczas wypuszczania z ust fajkowego dymu : {{/stl 7}}{{stl 10}}Pyk z fajeczki. {{/stl 10}} …   Langenscheidt Polski wyjaśnień

  • pyk — kar·yo·pyk·nosis; pyk·no·epilepsy; pyk·no·lep·sy; pyk·rete; pyk·nic; …   English syllables

  • pyk — ndm «wyraz naśladujący odgłos wydawany przy wypuszczaniu dymu z fajki» Pyk pyk pyk z fajeczki. (piosenka) …   Słownik języka polskiego

  • PYK — abbr. Pyruvate Kinase …   Dictionary of abbreviations

  • pyk — …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyk|nic — «PIHK nihk», adjective, noun. Anthropology. –adj. characterized by rounded contours and a stocky form; plump and squat: »His pyknic Priestleyan features puckered in concentration (Sunday Times). –n. a person of this type: »When they go insane,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyk|no|sis — «pihk NOH sihs», noun, plural ses « seez». 1. a condition in which the nucleus of a cell stains more deeply than usual in microscopic study. This condition is thought to be a precursor of necrosis. 2. the thickening of a fluid or semisolid… …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyk|not|ic — «pihk NOT ihk», adjective. having to do with or characterized by pyknosis: »pyknotic cells …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyk|rete — «PY kreet», noun. a frozen slurry of water and wood pulp for use as building material in arctic regions. ╂[< Pyke, the name of the inventor + (conc)rete] …   Useful english dictionary

  • pykno-, pyk- — Thick, dense, compact. [G. pyknos] …   Medical dictionary

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