1. The tip or end of a sharp process. 2. A minute round spot differing in color or otherwise in appearance from the surrounding tissues. 3. A point on the optic axis of an optical system. SEE ALSO: point. SYN: point (1). SEE ALSO: point, tip, end, center. [L. a prick, point, pp. ntr. of pungo, to prick, used as noun]
- p. cecum the blind spot in the visual field corresponding to the location of the optic disk.
- p. coxale the highest point of the crest of the ilium.
- p. dolorosum Valleix points, under point.
- p. fixa [TA] SYN: fixed end.
- kissing puncta a condition in which the upper p. is apposed to the lower p. when the eyes are open.
- lacrimal p. [TA] the minute circular opening of the lacrimal canaliculus, on the margin of each eyelid near the medial commissure. SYN: p. lacrimale [TA], lacrimal opening.
- p. lacrimale [TA] SYN: lacrimal p..
- p. luteum SYN: macula of retina.
- p. mobile [TA] SYN: mobile end.
- p. ossificationis SYN: ossification center.
- p. ossificationis primarium SYN: primary ossification center.
- p. ossificationis secundarium SYN: secondary ossification center.
- p. proximum (P.p.) SYN: near point.
- p. remotum (P.r.) SYN: far point.
- p. vasculosum one of the minute dots seen on section of the brain, due to small drops of blood at the cut extremities of the arteries.

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punc·tum 'pəŋ(k)-təm n, pl punc·ta -tə a small area marked off from a surrounding surface <insect bites...may show the central tiny hemorrhagic \punctum (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.)> see LACRIMAL PUNCTUM

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n. (pl. puncta)
(in anatomy) a point or small area, especially the puncta lacrimalia - the two openings of the tear ducts in the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids (see lacrimal apparatus).

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punc·tum (pungkґtəm) pl. puncґta [L.] 1. a tiny spot or point. 2. anatomical nomenclature for a point or other tiny area.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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