1. Nearest the trunk or the point of origin, said of part of a limb, of an artery or a nerve, etc., so situated. Toward the median plane following the curvature of the dental arch, in contrast to distal (2). SYN: proximalis. 2. In dental anatomy, denoting the surface of a tooth in relation with its neighbor, whether mesial or distal, i.e., nearer to or farther from the anteroposterior median plane. SYN: mesial [TA]. [Mod. L. proximalis, fr. L. proximus, nearest, next]

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prox·i·mal 'präk-sə-məl adj
1 a) situated next to or near the point of attachment or origin or a central point <the \proximal was...better than the peripheral stump for a graft (Annual Rev. of Med.)> esp located toward the center of the body <the \proximal end of a bone> compare DISTAL (1a)
b) of, relating to, or being the mesial and distal surfaces of a tooth
2) sensory rather than physical or social <\proximal stimuli> compare DISTAL (2)
prox·i·mal·ly adv

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(in anatomy) situated close to the origin or point of attachment or close to the median line of the body. Compare distal.

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prox·i·mal (prokґsĭ-məl) [L. proximus next] nearest; closer to any point of reference: opposed to distal.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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