Hump, dowager

An outward curvature of the vertebrae of neck, creating a hump at the back of the neck, once thought to be a characteristic deformity of older women. A dowager was a woman of high social rank whose husband was dead but who had a title (such as duchess) and property because of her marriage to him. Dowager hump, or dowager's hump, is formally known in medicine as postmenopausal cervical kyphosis. It is due to osteoporotic changes in the cervical spine. It may affect men or women. Like most osteoporotic changes, it is often preventable.

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  • dowager's hump — n. a condition caused by osteoporosis in which the shoulders are rounded and the spine becomes prominently bowed, forming a hump in the upper back …   English World dictionary

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  • dowager's hump — a type of kyphosis, common in older women, in which the shoulders become rounded and the upper back develops a hump: caused by osteoporosis resulting in skeletal deformity. Cf. lordosis. * * * …   Universalium

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  • dowager's hump — noun Date: 1948 an abnormal outward curvature of the upper back with round shoulders and stooped posture caused especially by bone loss and anterior compression of the vertebrae in osteoporosis …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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