An association of two organisms that enhances the life processes of both. Cf.:antibiosis (1), symbiosis, mutualism. [pro- + G. biosis, life]

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • probiotic — 1. noun A food or dietary supplement, such as a yogurt, containing live bacteria for therapeutic reasons. 2. adjective Describing any dietary supplement that contains live bacteria for therapeutic purposes. See Also: probiosis …   Wiktionary

  • Probiotic — A microbe that protects its host and can prevent disease. The most common probiotic today is Lactobacillus acidopholous, found in yogurt, acidopholous milk, and supplements. Probiotics counter an unfortunate effect of treatment with antibiotics… …   Medical dictionary

  • antibiosis — 1. An association of two organisms that is detrimental to one of them, in contrast to probiosis. 2. Production of an antibiotic by bacteria or other organisms inhibitory to other living things, especially among soil microbes. [anti + G. biosis,… …   Medical dictionary

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