1. A protein component of plasma having a molecular weight of about 55,000 and containing 1.3% carbohydrate; estimated plasma concentration is 0.3 g per 100 mL; abnormal levels of p. are found in cases of familial amyloidosis. SYN: transthyretin. 2. The protein-containing zone observed in zone electrophoresis of serum that migrates more rapidly than serum albumin.
- thyroxine-binding p. (TBPA) a protein located in the “p.” zone upon electrophoretic analysis of plasma proteins; its affinity for binding thyroxine is less than that of thyroxine-binding globulin but greater than that of albumin. SYN: thyroxine-binding protein (2).

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pre·al·bu·min .prē-al-'byü-mən, -'al-.byü- n TRANSTHYRETIN

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pre·al·bu·min (pre″al-buґmin) transthyretin.

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