Abbreviation for pyrophosphate.
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diphosphate group; emphysema [pink puffers]; near point of accommodation [Lat. punctum proximum]; pacesetter potential; palmoplantar; pancreatic polypeptide; paradoxical pulse; paraplatin; parietal pericardium; parietal pulse; partial pressure; perfusion pressure; peritoneal pseudomyxoma; persisting proteinuria; Peyer patches; photoplethysmography; pinprick; placental protein; placenta previa; planned parenthood; plasma pepsinogen; plasmapheresis; plasma protein; plaster of Paris; polypropylene; polystyrene agglutination plate; population planning; posterior papillary; posterior pituitary; postpartum; postprandial; precocious puberty; preferred provider; primapara; primary provider; primer protein; private practice; proactivator plasminogen; protein phosphatase; proto-porphyria; protoporphyrin; proximal phalanx; prudent practices [for disposal of chemicals]; pseudomyxoma peritonei; pterygoid process; pulmonary pressure; pulse pressure; pulsus paradoxus; purulent pericarditis; pyrophosphatase; pyrophosphate

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PP abbr pellagra preventive

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[L.] puncґtum proxґimum (near point of accommodation).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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