SYN: p. (muscle). [G. p., a flatplate]

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pla·tys·ma plə-'tiz-mə n, pl -ma·ta -mət-ə also -mas a broad thin layer of muscle that is situated on each side of the neck immediately under the superficial fascia belonging to the group of facial muscles, that is innervated by the facial nerve, and that draws the lower lip and the corner of the mouth to the side and down and when moved forcefully expands the neck and draws its skin upward
pla·tys·mal -məl adj

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a broad thin sheet of muscle that extends from below the collar bone to the angle of the jaw. It depresses the jaw.

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pla·tys·ma (plə-tizґmə) [Gr.] [TA] a platelike muscle innervated by the cervical branch of the facial nerve; it originates from the fascia of the cervical region and inserts in the mandible and the skin around the mouth. It wrinkles the skin of the neck and depresss the jaw. platysmal adj

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