1. The 16th letter of the Greek alphabet. 2. (Π). Symbol for osmotic pressure; in mathematics, symbol for the product of a series. 3. (π). Symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (approximately 3.14159). 4. Symbol for pros.
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class I protein; first meiotic prophase; isoelectric point; pacing impulse; package insert; pain intensity; pancreatic insufficiency; parainfluenza; pars intermedia; patient's interest; performance indicator or index; performance intensity; perinatal injury; periodontal index; permeability index; personal injury; personality inventory; phagocytic index; Pharmacopoeia Internationalis; phosphatidylinositol; physically impaired; physiologic index; pineal body; plaque index; plasmin inhibitor; pneumatosis intestinalis; poison ivy; ponderal index; postictal immobility; postinfection; postin-fluenza; postinjury; postinoculation; preinduction [examination]; premature infant; prematurity index; preparatory interval; prescribing information; present illness; primary infarction; primary infection; principal investigator; processor interface; product information; proinsulin; prolactin inhibitor; propidium iodide; proportional plus integral; protamine insulin; protease inhibitor; proximal intestine; pulmonary incompetence; pulmonary index; pulmonary infarction; pulsatility index

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Medical dictionary. 2011.

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