Surrounding or encircling the colon.

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peri·co·lic (per″e-kolґik) around the colon.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • pericolic membrane — occasional bands of peritoneum extending between the abdominal wall and the serosa of the colon. See pericolic membrane syndrome, under syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • pericolic membrane syndrome — symptoms resembling those of chronic appendicitis, owing to the pressure of pericolic membranes …   Medical dictionary

  • pericolic abscess — an intra abdominal abscess near the colon as a result of perforation complicating diverticulitis; called also peridiverticular a …   Medical dictionary

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  • syndrome — The aggregate of symptoms and signs associated with any morbid process, and constituting together the picture of the disease. SEE ALSO: disease. [G. s., a running together, tumultuous concourse; (in med.) a concurrence of symptoms, fr. syn,… …   Medical dictionary

  • fecal abscess — an abscess containing pus and fecal matter, usually pericolic or perirectal, resulting from lower bowel perforation; extension to the skin or mucosa leads to a fecal fistula …   Medical dictionary

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