1. SYN: pedicle (1). [L. pedicle] 2. A louse. See P.. [L.]
- p. arcus vertebrae [TA] SYN: pedicle of arch of vertebra.

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pe·dic·u·lus pi-'dik-yə-ləs n
1) cap the type genus of the family Pediculidae that includes the body louse (P. humanus corporis) and head louse (P. humanus capitis) infesting humans
2) pl pe·dic·u·li -.lī or pediculus any louse of the genus Pediculus

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a widely distributed genus of lice. There are two varieties of the species affecting humans: P. humanus capitis, the head louse; and P. humanus corporis, the body louse. The presence of these parasites can irritate the skin (see pediculosis), and in some parts of the world body lice are involved in transmitting relapsing fever and typhus.

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Pe·dic·u·lus (pə-dikґu-ləs) a genus of sucking lice (order Anoplura), of the family Pediculidae.

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