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para·ves·i·cal (par″ə-vesґĭ-kəl) perivesical.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • paravesical — “+ adjective Etymology: para (I) + vesical : adjacent to the urinary bladder used chiefly of a peritoneal pouch or recess * * * paravesical, xanthine etc.: see para 1 1, 2 …   Useful english dictionary

  • paravesical — adjective Outside, but adjacent to the (urinary) bladder …   Wiktionary

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  • Paravesical fossa — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = fossa paravesicalis GraySubject = 256 GrayPage = 1154 Caption = The peritoneum of the male pelvis. (The urinary bladder is the swelling at the center, and the paravesical fossa is visible on the right and… …   Wikipedia

  • paravesical fossa — fossa paravesicalis [TA] the fossa formed by the peritoneum on each side of the urinary bladder, into which the obturator canal opens; in females it is the lateral part of the vesicouterine pouch …   Medical dictionary

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  • fossa — A depression usually more or less longitudinal in shape below the level of the surface of a part. [L. a trench or ditch] acetabular f. [TA] a depressed area in the floor of the acetabulum superior to the …   Medical dictionary

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