An abundant genus of freshwater holotrichous ciliates, characteristically slipper-shaped and often large enough to be visible to the naked eye; commonly used for genetic and other studies. [G. paramekes, rather long, fr. mekos, length]

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par·a·me·cium .par-ə-'mē-sh(ē-)əm, -sē-əm n
1) cap a genus of ciliate protozoans that have an elongate body rounded at the anterior end and an oblique funnel-shaped buccal groove bearing the mouth at the extremity
2) pl -cia -sh(ē-)ə, -sē-ə also -ciums any ciliate protozoan of the genus Paramecium

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Par·a·me·ci·um (par″ə-meґse-əm) [Gr. paramēkēs oblong] a genus of ovoid or elongated freshwater protozoa (suborder Peniculina, order Hymenostomatida), some species of which are visible to the naked eye. Certain species have been used as test organisms in cytological, genetic, and other research.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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