SYN: dura mater. [pachy- + G. meninx, membrane]

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pachy·me·ninx -'mē-niŋ(k)s, -'men-iŋ(k)s n, pl -me·nin·ges -mə-'nin-(.)jēz DURA MATER

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the dura mater, outermost of the three meninges.

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pachy·me·ninx (pak″e-meґninks) pl. pachymeninґges [pachy- + meninx] [TA] the dura mater. NOTE: In official nomenclature, this term is used as the preferred term when contrasting this structure with the leptomeninx, which comprises the arachnoidea mater and the pia mater (arachnoidea mater et pia mater).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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