p-aminohippuric acid

Used in renal function tests to measure renal plasma flow; actively secreted (and filtered) by the kidney.
- p-aminohippuric acid synthase an enzyme in the liver that catalyzes the synthesis of p-aminohippuric acid from p-aminobenzoic acid (or the CoA derivative) and glycine. It may be identical with glycine acyltransferase.

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p-ami·no·hip·pu·ric ac·id (PAH) (PAHA) (ə-me″no-hĭ-pūrґik) the glycine amide of p-aminobenzoic acid, which is filtered by the renal glomeruli and secreted into the urine by the proximal tubules. See also p-aminohippurate sodium and see p-aminohippurate clearance, under clearance.

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