A true salt of theophylline; it has mild diuretic, myocardial stimulating vasodilator, and bronchodilator actions, with the same uses as theophylline, but is better absorbed and less irritating. SYN: choline theophyllinate.

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ox·tri·phyl·line .äks-.tri-'fil-.ēn, -'trif-ə-.lēn n the choline salt C12H21N5O3 of theophylline used chiefly as a bronchodilator

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ox·triph·yl·line (oks-trifґə-lēn) [USP] the choline salt of theophylline, used as a bronchodilator in the prevention and treatment of symptoms of asthma and of reversible airway obstruction associated with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; administered orally.

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