An instrument to measure the blood pressure in the retinal vessels. [ophthalmo- + G. dynamis, power, + metron, measure]
- Bailliart o. an instrument used to measure the blood pressure of the central retinal artery; of value in diagnosing occlusion of the proximal carotid artery.
- suction o. an o. with a suction disk that increases ocular pressure during ophthalmoscopic observation of the retinal artery.

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oph·thal·mo·dy·na·mom·e·ter (of-thal″mo-di″nə-momґə-tər) [ophthalmo- + dynamo- + -meter] 1. an instrument for measuring the retinal arterial pressure. 2. an instrument for determining the near point of convergence.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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