Non-neuronal cellular elements of the central and peripheral nervous system; formerly believed to be merely supporting cells but now thought to have important metabolic functions, since they are invariably interposed between neurons and the blood vessel s supplying the nervous system. In central nervous tissue they include oligodendroglia cells, astrocytes, ependymal cells, and microglia cells. The satellite cells of ganglia and the neurolemmal or Schwann cells around peripheral nerve fibers can be interpreted as the oligodendroglia cells of the peripheral nervous system. SYN: reticulum (2) [TA], glia, Kölliker reticulum. [neuro- + G. glia, glue]

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neu·ro·glia n(y)u̇-'rō-glē-ə, -'räg-lē-ə; .n(y)u̇r-ə-'glē-ə, -'glī- n glia
neu·ro·gli·al -əl adj

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neu·rog·lia (n-rogґle-ə) [neuro- + -glia] [TA] the supporting structure of nervous tissue. It consists of a fine web of tissue made up of modified ectodermal elements, in which are enclosed peculiar branched cells known as neuroglial cells or glial cells. The neuroglial cells are of three types: astrocytes and oligodendrocytes (astroglia and oligodendroglia), which appear to play a role in myelin formation, transport of material to neurons, and maintenance of the ionic environment of neurons; and microglial cells, which phagocytize waste products of nerve tissue. Called also glia. neuroglial adj

Neuroglia, showing various types of neuroglial cells.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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