SYN: schwannoma. [neurilemma + G. -oma, tumor]
- acoustic n. schwannoma arising from cranial nerve VIII.
- Antoni type A n. relatively solid or compact arrangement of neoplastic tissue that consists of Schwann cells arranged in twisting bundles and associated with delicate reticulin fibers; the nuclei of the Schwann cells are frequently grouped in parallel rows (so-called palisades), and the nuclei and fibers sometimes form exaggerated tactile corpuscles, called Verocay bodies.
- Antoni type B n. relatively soft or loose arrangement of neoplastic tissue that consists of Schwann cells in a haphazard or nondescript type of arrangement among reticulin fibers and tiny cystlike foci; fat-laden macrophages may be observed in some of the larger neoplasms.

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neu·ri·lem·o·ma (noor″ĭ-lem-oґmə) a tumor of a neurilemma, the most common type of neurogenic tumor, usually isolated and encapsulated. Most are benign but occasionally they become malignant. Cf. neurofibroma. Called also schwannoma.

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