Inflammation of a muscle. SYN: initis (2). [myo- + G. -itis, inflammation]
- cervical m. posttraumatic neck syndrome.
- epidemic m., m. epidemica acuta SYN: epidemic pleurodynia.
- infectious m. inflammation of the voluntary muscles, marked by swelling and pain, affecting usually the shoulders and arms, though almost the entire body may be involved.
- interstitial m. SYN: m. fibrosa.
- m. ossificans ossification or deposit of bone in muscle with fibrosis, causing pain and swelling in muscles.
- m. ossificans circumscripta local deposit of bone in a muscle, usually following prolonged trauma; e.g., riders' bone.
- m. ossificans progressiva a rare and frequently fatal mutation, beginning in early life, characterized by progressive ossification of the muscles; it is not strictly a m., but a noninflammatory ossification.
- proliferative m. a rapidly growing benign infiltrating fibrous nodule in skeletal muscle, containing characteristic giant cells resembling ganglion cells.
- m. purulenta tropica SYN: tropical pyomyositis.
- tropical m. SYN: tropical pyomyositis.

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myo·si·tis .mī-ə-'sīt-əs n muscular discomfort or pain from infection or an unknown cause

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any of a group of muscle diseases in which inflammation and degenerative changes occur. polymyositis is the most commonly occurring example, but myositis may be found in relation to systemic connective-tissue disease and a minority are caused by bacterial or parasitic infections.

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myo·si·tis (mi″o-siґtis) [myo- + -itis] inflammation of a voluntary muscle; called also inflammatory myopathy. myositic adj

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