Excretion of myoglobin in the urine; results from muscle degeneration, which releases myoglobin into the blood; occurs in certain types of trauma (crush syndrome), advanced or protracted ischemia of muscle, or as a paroxysmal process of unknown etiology. SYN: idiopathic paroxysmal rhabdomyolysis, Meyer-Betz disease, Meyer-Betz syndrome.

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myo·glo·bin·uria -.glō-bin-'(y)u̇r-ē-ə n the presence of myoglobin in the urine called also myohemoglobinuria

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myo·glo·bin·uria (mi″o-glo″bĭ-nuґre-ə) the presence of myoglobin in the urine, as in deficiency of muscle phosphorylase, in crush injuries, and after vigorous and prolonged exercise in susceptible persons.

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