A rare metal with the atomic weight of 69. There are several isotopic forms of gallium that differ from it in atomic weight. One is gallium-68 which is produced by cyclotrons and emits gamma rays. The citrate form of gallium-68 is used as a radiotracer to locate sites of inflammation and tumor tissue within the body.
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A rare metal, atomic no. 31, atomic wt. 69.723. [L. Gallia, France]

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gal·li·um 'gal-ē-əm n a rare bluish white metallic element that is hard and brittle at low temperatures but melts just above room temperature and expands on freezing and that is used in the form of its hydrated nitrate salt Ga(NO3)3·9H2O to treat hypercalcemia caused by certain cancers symbol Ga see ELEMENT (table)

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a silvery metallic element. A radioisotope of gallium can be used for the detection of lymphomas and areas of infection (such as an abscess) following intravenous injection. This technique is being replaced by other methods of imaging with lower radiation doses and better anatomical resolution.

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gal·li·um (Ga) (galґe-əm) [L., from Gallia Gaul] a rare metal liquid at room temperature; atomic number 31, atomic weight 69.72; some of its compounds are poisonous.

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