1. Disorder of the spinal cord. 2. A disease of the myelopoietic tissues. [myelo- + G. pathos, suffering]
- carcinomatous m. degeneration or necrosis of the spinal cord associated with a carcinoma. SYN: paracarcinomatous m..
- compressive m. destruction of spinal cord tissue caused by pressure from neoplasms, hematomas, or other masses.
- diabetic m. degenerative changes in spinal cord tissue occurring as a complication of diabetes mellitus.
- paracarcinomatous m. SYN: carcinomatous m..
- radiation m. damage to the spinal cord from exposure to x-rays or other high energy radiation; usually radiation myelitis. SYN: radiation myelitis.

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my·e·lop·a·thy .mī-ə-'läp-ə-thē n, pl -thies any disease or disorder of the spinal cord or bone marrow

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my·elop·a·thy (mi″ə-lopґə-the) [myelo- + -pathy] 1. any of various functional disturbances or pathological changes in the spinal cord, often referring to nonspecific lesions in contrast to the inflammatory lesions of myelitis. 2. a pathological condition of the bone marrow; see also myelodysplasia (def. 2).

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