Any disease caused by a fungus (filamentous or yeast). [myco- + G. -osis, condition]
- m. framboesioides SYN: yaws.
- m. fungoides a chronic progressive lymphoma arising in the skin that initially simulates eczema or other inflammatory dermatoses; the appearance of plaques is associated with acanthosis and bandlike infiltration of the upper dermis by a pleomorphic infiltrate including helper T lymphocytes with large, convoluted nuclei that also collect in clear spaces in the lower epidermis (Pautrier microabscesses); in advanced cases, ulcerated tumors and infiltration of lymph node s may occur.
- m. intestinalis gastroenteric form of anthrax, the symptoms of which are those of gastroenteritis followed by toxemia and general depression.

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my·co·sis mī-'kō-səs n, pl my·co·ses -.sēz infection with or disease caused by a fungus

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any disease caused by a fungus, including actinomycosis, aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, rhinosporidiosis, ringworm, and sporotrichosis.

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my·co·sis (mi-koґsis) [myc- + -osis] 1. any disease caused by a fungus. 2. any of various other diseases that were originally thought to be caused by fungi.

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