1. In chemistry, having a combining power (valence) of more than one hydrogen atom. 2. Efficacious in more than one direction. 3. An antiserum specific for more than one antigen or organism. 4. Antigen or antibody with a combining power greater than two. SYN: polyvalent (1).

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mul·ti·va·lent .məl-ti-'vā-lənt, -.tī- adj
2) represented more than twice in the somatic chromosome number <\multivalent chromosomes>
multivalent n a multivalent group of chromosomes

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mul·ti·va·lent (mul″te-vaґlənt) [multi- + L. valere to have value] 1. having a valence of two or more. 2. denoting an antiserum, vaccine, or antitoxin specific for more than one antigen or an organism. Called also polyvalent.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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