Funnel chest (pectus excavatum)

"Caved-in" chest. Usually an unimportant isolated finding evident at birth. (Funnel chest can occasionally be part of a connective tissue disorder such as Marfan syndrome).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • funnel chest — n a depression of the anterior wall of the chest produced by a sinking in of the sternum called also funnel breast, pectus excavatum * * * depression of the breastbone and inward curving of the costal cartilages articulating with it, resulting in …   Medical dictionary

  • Pectus excavatum — Classification and external resources An example of a severe case. ICD 10 Q67.6 …   Wikipedia

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  • Pectus excavatum — Caved in or funnel chest. The Latin “pectus” means “chest.” The chest is excavated. It looks as if it has been dug out, hollowed out. * * * pec·tus ex·ca·va·tum pek təs .ek skə vāt əm n FUNNEL CHEST * * * see funnel chest * * * [L. “hollowed… …   Medical dictionary

  • funnel chest — depression of the breastbone and inward curving of the costal cartilages articulating with it, resulting in deformity of the chest. It may displace the heart to the left and can cause slight breathlessness. Medical names: pectus excavatum …   The new mediacal dictionary

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  • Грудная Клетка Воронкообразная (Funnel Chest) — углубление в грудине и искривление вовнутрь соединенных с ней реберных хрящей, приводящее к деформации грудной клетки. Медицинское название: грудь впалая (pectus excavatum).ГРУДНОЙ (pectoral) относящиеся груди. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

  • pectus — SYN: chest. [L.] p. carinatum flattening of the chest on either side with forward projection of the sternum resembling the keel of a boat. SYN: chicken breast, keeled chest, pigeon breast, pigeon chest. p. excavatum a hollow at the lower part of… …   Medical dictionary

  • chest — The anterior wall of the thorax. SEE ALSO: thorax. SYN: pectus. [A.S. cest, a box] alar c. SYN: flat c.. barrel c. a c. permanently resembling the shape of a barrel, i.e., with increased anteroposterior diameter, roughly equaling the lateral… …   Medical dictionary

  • foveated chest — funnel chest pectus excavatum …   Medical dictionary

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