Abbreviation for millisecond.
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Maffuci syndrome; magnesium sulfate [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; maladjustment score; mandibular series; mannose-sensitive; Marfan syndrome; margin of safety; Marie-Strumpell [syndrome]; mass spectrometry; Master of Science; Master of Surgery; maternal serum; mean score; mean square [statistics]; mechanical stimulation; Meckel syndrome; mediastinal shift; medical services; medical staff; medical student; medical supplies; medical survey; melanonychia striata; Menkes syndrome; menopausal syndrome; mental status; metabolic syndrome; microscope slide; Microsporida; midseptal; minimal support; mitral sounds; mitral stenosis; mobile surgical [unit]; modal sensitivity; moderately susceptible; modified sphygmomanometer; molar solution; molecular substitution; Mongolian spot; morning stiffness; morphine sulfate [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; morpho-syntactic; mosaic virus; motile sperm; mucosubstance; Munchausen syndrome; multiple sclerosis; muscle shortening; muscle strength; musculoskeletal; myelosarcoma; myoclonic seizures

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MS abbr
1) mass spectrometry
2) master of science
3) multiple sclerosis

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Master of Science; Master of Surgery; mitral stenosis; multiple sclerosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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