Failure of a female to respond to sexual stimulus; aversion on the part of a woman to sexual intercourse; failure of a female to achieve an orgasm (anorgasmia) during sexual intercourse. This disorder can stem from psychological or emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, worry, guilt, fear of painful intercourse and fear of pregnancy. It can also develop from the undesirability of a partner, the undesirability of the setting, and the use of alcohol or drugs. "Frigid-" is derived from the Latin word "frigidus" (cold.) The suffix "-ity" is derived from the Latin "-itas" (condition, state).
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1. Impotence in the female. 2. The state of being frigid (2); female sexual inadequacy ranging from the freudian concept of inability to achieve orgasm to any degree of sexual response considered unsatisfactory by either the female or her partner.

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fri·gid·i·ty frij-'id-ət-ē n, pl -ties marked or abnormal sexual indifference esp. in a woman

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lack of sexual desire or inability to achieve orgasm. The phenomenon may affect either sex, but the term is almost always applied to women only. In some cases the woman feels revulsion towards sexual activity.

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fri·gid·i·ty (frĭ-jidґĭ-te) 1. coldness. 2. former name for female sexual arousal disorder.

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