Cutaneous lesion(s) characterized by indurated, slightly depressed plaques of thickened dermal fibrous tissue of a whitish or yellowish-white color surrounded by a pinkish or purplish halo. Lesions occur at any age, without systemic involvement, and usually resolve after a few years. SYN: localized scleroderma. [G. morphe, form, figure]
- m. guttata a form of m. with small discrete, white, waxy, indurated lesions. SYN: white spot disease.
- m. linearis SYN: linear scleroderma.

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mor·phea also Brit mor·phoea mȯr-'fē-ə n, pl mor·phe·ae also Brit mor·phoe·ae -'fē-ē localized scleroderma

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mor·phea (mor-feґə) [Gr. morphē form] a localized form of scleroderma having one or more supple, nonindurated, pink to purple macules and later discrete, yellow to white patches or plaques in which the skin is hard, dry, and smooth. The lesions may remain localized or become generalized. Called also circumscribed or localized scleroderma. Cf. systemic scleroderma.


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