A collection of formulas, recipes, and prescriptions. The National Formulary is published by the American Pharmaceutical Association every 5 years and gives the composition, description, method of preparation, and dosage for drugs. The British National Formulary is a twice-yearly source on prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines, intended primarily for use by physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health-care professionals.
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A collection of formulas for the compounding of medicinal preparations. See National F., Pharmacopeia.
- hospital f. a continually revised compilation of approved pharmaceuticals, plus important ancillary information, that reflects the current clinical judgment of the institution's medical staff.

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for·mu·lary 'fȯr-myə-.ler-ē n, pl -lar·ies a book containing a list of medicinal substances and formulas see NATIONAL FORMULARY

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a compendium of formulae used in the preparation of medicinal drugs.

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for·mu·lary (forґmu-lar″e) a collection of recipes, formulas, and prescriptions.

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