1. Contraction of the pupil. 2. Incorrect alternative spelling for meiosis. [G. meiosis, a lessening]
- paralytic m. m. due to paralysis of the dilator muscle of the pupil.
- spastic m. m. due to spasmodic contraction of the sphincter muscle of the pupil.

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mi·o·sis also my·o·sis mī-'ō-səs, mē- n, pl mi·o·ses also my·o·ses -.sēz excessive smallness or contraction of the pupil of the eye

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constriction of the pupil. This occurs normally in bright light, but persistent miosis is most commonly caused by certain types of eye drops used to treat glaucoma. See also miotic. Compare mydriasis.

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mi·o·sis (mi-oґsis) [Gr. meiōsis diminution] contraction of the pupil.

Miosis and eyelid ptosis of the left eye in Horner syndrome.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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