A skeletal muscle relaxant with action similar to that produced by mephenesin but of longer duration; used in the management of certain disorders associated with abnormal motor activity, as a mild hypnotic, and as an antianxiety agent.

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mep·ro·bam·ate .mep-rō-'bam-.ātalso mə-'prō-bə-.māt n a bitter carbamate C9H18N2O4 used as a tranquilizer see EQUANIL, MEPROSPAN, MILTOWN

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a drug used to relieve anxiety and nervous tension (see anxiolytic). It is administered by mouth; side-effects include digestive upsets, headache, and drowsiness.

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me·pro·ba·mate (mə-proґbə-māt) (mep″ro-bamґāt) [USP] a carbamate derivative, having tranquilizing and muscle relaxant actions. It is used as an oral sedative for the relief of anxiety and tension, as an adjunct in the treatment of conditions in which anxiety and tension are manifested, and to promote sleep in anxious, tense patients; it has also been used in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal disorders.

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