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  • megacardia — /megakar dia/ s.f. [comp. di mega e cardia ]. (med.) [abnorme grandezza del cuore causata da ipertrofia o dilatazione] ▶◀ megalocardia …   Enciclopedia Italiana

  • megacardia — me·ga·car·dì·a s.f. TS med. abnorme dilatazione o sviluppo ipertrofico del cuore Sinonimi: megalocardia. {{line}} {{/line}} DATA: 1957. ETIMO: comp. di mega e cardia …   Dizionario italiano

  • megacardia — pl.f. megacardie …   Dizionario dei sinonimi e contrari

  • megacardia — noun an abnormal enlargement of the heart mild cardiomegaly is common in athletes • Syn: ↑cardiomegaly, ↑megalocardia, ↑enlarged heart • Hypernyms: ↑symptom …   Useful english dictionary

  • Mega- (prefix) — The combining form mega comes from the Greek megas , great or big and means abnormally large. Megalocephaly is too large a head. Megacardia is too large a heart. Megacolon is too large a colon …   Medical dictionary

  • Prefixes, medical — Medical words are often put together, cobbled from two or more building blocks. Among these building blocks are the prefixes. Examples of prefixes used in medicine include: {{}}a : Prefix much employed in the health sciences indicating “not,… …   Medical dictionary

  • cardiomegaly — Enlargement of the heart. SYN: macrocardia, megacardia, megalocardia. [cardio + G. megas, large] glycogen c. a form of glycogenosis due to abnormal storage of glycogen within the …   Medical dictionary

  • mega- — mè·ga conf. 1. TS scient. grosso, grande: megacero, megalite 2. TS med. anomalo o eccessivo sviluppo: megacardia, megacolon 3. TS metrol. anteposto a un unità di misura ne moltiplica il valore per un milione (simb. M): megahertz, megawatt 4. TS… …   Dizionario italiano

  • megalocardia — me·ga·lo·car·dì·a s.f. TS med. → megacardia {{line}} {{/line}} DATA: 1957. ETIMO: comp. di megalo e cardia …   Dizionario italiano

  • megalocardia — /megalokar dia/ s.f. [comp. di megalo e cardia ]. (med.) [abnorme grandezza del cuore causata da ipertrofia o dilatazione] ▶◀ megacardia …   Enciclopedia Italiana

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