1. The use of noise of any kind to interfere with the audibility of another sound. For any given intensity, low-pitched tones have a greater m. effect than those of a high pitch. 2. In audiology, the use of a noise applied to one ear while testing the hearing of the other ear. 3. The hiding of smaller rhythms in the brain wave record by larger and slower ones whose wave form they distort. 4. In dentistry, an opaque covering used to camouflage the metal parts of a prosthesis. 5. In radiography, superimposition of an altered positive image on the original negative to produce an enhanced copy photographically. See subtraction.
- unsharp m. in radiography, superimposing a blurred negative of a radiograph to cancel large density differences, leaving fine detail more visible.

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mask·ing (maskґing) 1. in neuropsychology, interference with the processing of one stimulus by accompanying it with a stronger second stimulus; in audiometry, the obscuring of one sound by the presence of another, stronger sound. 2. blinding.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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