A representation of a region or structure; E.G., of a stretch of DNA.
- choroplethic m. a method of mapping to display quantitative information such as death rates in defined jurisdictions (states, counties, etc.) by color coding or shading. [G. choros, district, + plethos, multitude, + -ic]
- chromosome m. a systematic, semiabstract representation of the physical position of loci on a karyotype. Cf.:genetic m..
- conformational m. SYN: Ramachandran plot.
- contig m. a physical m. of a chromosome or stretch of DNA constructed from sets of overlapping clones (contigs).
- cytogenetic m. a m. in which the classical bonding pattern of a chromosome is shown.
- fate m. determination in very young embryos of the cellular origin of specific organs or structures. SYN: germinal localization.
- genetic m. an abstract representation of the ordered array of genetic loci such that the interval between entries has algebraic signs and magnitude proportional to the expected number of crossings over between them and distances are algebraically additive; e.g., on a genetic m. the combined distance between locus A and locus C is the algebraic sum of the two distances between loci A and B, and B and C.
- isodemographic m. diagrammatic method of displaying countries or administrative jurisdictions within a country in two-dimensional maps with each area directly proportional to the population density of the country or jurisdiction. [iso- + G. demos, people, + grapho, to write + -ic]
- linkage m. an abstract mathematical representation of genetic loci that conserves order of loci which are spaced in such a way that the distances are algebraically additive; conventionally, a m. is scaled so that as distances between loci become smaller the ratio of the m. distance to the value of the recombination fraction approaches 1 and independently assorting loci are infinitely far apart.
- physical m. a m. of a stretch of DNA with ordered landmarks a known distance from each other; the ultimate physical m. would be the base sequence of the entire chromosome.
- restriction m. the order of restriction sites along a chromosome or plasmid.
- sequence-tagged site (STS) m. a m. representing the order and spacing of sequence-tagged sites within a stretch of DNA.
- spot m. m. showing the geographic location of people with a specific attribute, e.g., cases of an infectious disease.
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malignant atrophic papulosis; mandibular angle plane; maturation-activated protein; maximal aerobic power; maximum a posteriori; mean airway pressure; mean aortic pressure; mean arterial pressure; Medical Audit Program; megaloblastic anemia of pregnancy; memory algorithm processor; mercapturic acid pathway; methyl acceptor protein; methylacetoxy-progesterone; methylamin-opurine; microtubule-associated protein; minimum audible pressure; mitogen-activated protein; modified atmosphere packaging; moment angle plotter; monophasic action potential; motor [nerve] action potential; mouse antibody production; multiphasic algorithmic protocol; multiple antigen peptide; muscle action potential; mussel adhesive protein

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map 'map n the arrangement of genes on a chromosome called also genetic map
map vb, mapped; map·ping vt to locate (a gene) on a chromosome <mutants which have been genetically mapped> vi of a gene to be located <a repressor \maps near the corresponding structural gene>

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mean arterial pressure; microtubule-associated protein.

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