Abbreviation for mental age; mentoanterior position.
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macrophage aggregate; malignant arrhythmia; management and administration; mandelic acid; Martin- Albright [syndrome]; masseter; Master of Arts; maternal age; matrix; maximum amplitude; mean arterial; mechanical activity; medial amygdaloid [nucleus]; medical assistance; medical audit; medical authorization; mega-ampere; megaloblastic anemia; megestrol acetate; membrane antigen; menstrual age; mental age; mentum anterior [fetal position]; metatarsus adductus; meter-angle; methacrylic acid; microade-noma; microagglutination; microalbuminuria; microaneurysm; microscopic agglutination; Miller-Abbott [tube]; milliampere; mitochondrial antibody; mitogen activation; mitotic apparatus; mixed agglutination; mobile agent; moderately advanced; monoamine; monoarthritis; monoclonal antibody; motor area; movement artifacts; moving average; multiple action; muscle activity; mutagenic activity; myelinated axon; myoclonic absences

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MA abbr mental age

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Master of Arts; mental age; meter angle.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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